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Guitar Instruction Links and Resources

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Guitar, Musician Articles
String a guitar, tips & tricks, fixing guitars, more.
Recommended Guitar Instruction Books
Reviewed guitar instruction lesson books.

CleverJoe's Musician Resource

ADG Productions
Applause Music Careers. -Music career courses
Avalon Guitar - Sells instructional books and videos, as well as well-known CD recordings.
The Bold Strummer Ltd. - Instructional books covering technique, building guitars, and history.
Castalia Publications - Instructional posters.
Cherry Lane - Guitar transcriptions and tablature.
CleverJoe's online lessons - Online lessons and monthly articles
The Creator's Handbook for Guitar and Harmonica
Dan Bowden's Blues and Jazz Guitar Transcriptions
D3 Music Learning Network - Online music education featuring streaming video, sound, notation and tab.
The Dick Grove 'School Without Walls' - The School That Comes To You.
Do-Music - Labels that you can put on your guitar to show the notes.
The Evolving Guitarist - Chord chart and theory reference.
The Expressive Guitarist Guitar Course
First Stage Guitar - An instructional book for beginners.
Guitar By Ear - Sells instructional cassettes that teach you how to play songs without reading sheet music or tab. Also has a course for visually impaired players.
Guitar College
The Guitar EncycloMedia - How to visualize the whole fretboard and easily see its many chord, scale and arpeggio fragments - by Mike Overly.
Guitar Gallery of Houston - Has an on-line catalog of music, instructional books, and videos covering a variety of guitar styles.
Guru Music - Makes handy little reference books that fit in your guitar case.
Heavy Guitar - Publishes a series of guitar instruction books.
Homespun Tapes - Instructional material available in cassette, CD, and video tape formats.
Hot Licks - Instructional videos.
Instant Music
John McGann - The Original Custom Transcription Service - Will transcribe songs and create custom lessons for you. The page also has some transcription and playing tips.
Joni's Guitar School - Sells lessons over the net.
Learn to be a Guitarist Custom guitar lessons sent to your door step. Distance guitar learning, have your own personal instructor.
Lefty: The Original Left Handed Guitar Chord Book
Making Notes - Specialists in Acoustic Guitar Lessons via the Internet
Mel Bay Publications, Inc.
Mel Booker Music - Fusion Fundamentals and Scale Theory books.
Metal Method Video Guitar Lessons
Mountain Studios
Musician's Ear - Sells a Chord Transcriber to help figure out chord changes in songs.
Nashville Guitar Pattern - An instructional book for creating scales and modes from only one fret pattern.
New Rock Riff Dictionary - Reference books with teaching techniques with riffs and progressions.
The Only Complete Guitar Chord Method - An instructional package for understanding and creating chords.
PlaneTalk - An instructional book with a comic book style.
Protege Self-playing, Self-teaching guitar - Probably only of interest to beginners. It uses lights on the guitar to show chords and melody lines while the guitar can accompany you.
Rockin' The Modes - An excellent guitar instruction book that teaches the modes of the major scale, how to solo and improvise effectively.
Serious Guitar - An instruction book for the serious guitar student.
Six String Music Publishing - Publisher of step-by-step guitar instruction books especially for beginners and teachers.
Sokolow Music - Instructional materials and song transcriptions covering a variety of guitar styles.
Sound Connection - Guitar Workshop Courses
Steelin' from the Steel - Pedal steel licks for electric guitar.
Texas Music and Video - Lessons on video.
Ubi Soft Entertainment - Instructionl CD-ROMs.
The Ultimate Guitar Workout
Video School of Guitar - Instructional video tapes covering a variety of styles.
The Visual Gallery - Sells a few chord and scale charts by Roedy Black.
Vision Music - Lessons by Mail service covering a variety of playing styles and topics.

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