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How to string a guitar.


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How To String A Classical Guitar

CleverJoe's Musician Resource For Classical Guitars (Nylon Strings)
Written by Greigg Fraser

Since Greigg's article on how to string an acoustic guitar was first published, many people have sent questions asking how to string a "classical" guitar, which uses nylon strings. The main thing you need to be concerned most about is attaching the classical strings at the guitar bridge,and this is the focus of the following article.

How To String A Classical Guitar with Nylon Strings

The two common methods for attaching strings at the bridge of a classical guitar, are referred to as:
  • 1) The Figure 8 Method
  • 2) The Letter D Method
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Greigg Fraser is a guitarist/songwriter from London Canada who writes musician articles for CleverJoe's Musician Resource on a number of topics related to guitars, guitar accessories and do-it-yourself home guitar repair. Check out his web site to see what's new and listen to audio samples from his instrumental rock CD's.

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