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Tim O'Brien
O'Connor, Sinead
O'connor, Mark
O'farrill, Chico
O'Hara, Geoffrey
O'Neal, Jamie
O'Sullivan, Gilbert
Oak Ridge Boys
Ocean, Billy
Olatunji, Babatunde
Oldham, Denver Olejniczak, Janusz
Olivier, Laurence
Olivor, Jane
Olsen, Barry
Olson, Lynn Freeman
Onorati, Henry
Orbison, Roy
Orbison And Dees
Orlando, Tony
Ortega, Fernando
Ortolani, Riz
Osborne, Jeffrey
Osborne, Sonny
Osbourne, Ozzy
Osmond, Donny
Osmond, Donny and Marie
Ossewaarde, J.
Ostling, Acton E.
Ouchterlony, Dr. David
Our Lady Peace
Owolabi, Kola
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