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Pachelbel, Johann
Page, Patti
Page, Scott
Page, Jimmy
Page, Anna
Laura Paige
Jennifer Paisley,
Brad Palestrina,
Giovanni Pierluigi da Palmer
Earl Palmer

Gwyneth Pantera
Paul Paris
Twila Parish
Parkening, Christopher
Parker, Charlie
Parker Jr. Ray,
Parry, Charlie
Alan Parsons Project
Parton, Dolly
Paschal, Janet

Pasqua, Alan
Pass, Joe
Pasternak, Vernal
Pastore, Carmine
Pastorius, Jaco
Manny Patino
John Patitucci,
Patti, Sandi
Patty, S.H.
Patty, Sandi

Paul, Bobby
Paul, Les
Paulson, Joseph
Pavarotti, luciano
Paxton, Tom
Payne, Ron
Payne, Jim
Peach Union
Peacock, Charlie
Peacock, Gary

Pearce, Elvenia, Truman
Pearl, Lucy
Pearl Jam
Pearson, Robert H.
Pearson, Stephen Funk
Peart, Neil
Pedersen, Laura
Peery, R.R.
Peeters, Flor
Penfield, Craig A.
Pepper, Art
Peragine, Kato J.
Perales, Jose Luis
Perelman, Jerry
Peret, Hugo

Perlman, Itzhak
Perlman, Ken
Perry, Charles
Perry, Jean
Peter, J.F.
Peter, Paul and Mary
Petercsak, James
Peters, Gretchen
Petersen, Jack
Peterson, Michael

Pethel, James
Petrie, Rick
Petrillo, Pat
Petrucci, John
Petrucciani, Michel
Pettersen, Nancy
Petti, Anthony G.
Petty, Tom
Petty and The Heartbreakers, Tom
Pezzone, Bryan

Phantom, Slim Jim
Pharaohs, The
Phare, Erica
Phelps, Kelly Joe
Phillippe, Roy
Phillips, Alan
Phillips, Craig
Phillips, Dean

Phillips, Simon
Phillips, Stacy
Piaf, Edith
Pickett, Bobby "Boris"
Pickett, Wilson
Pierce, Jonathan
Pierne, Gabriel
Pierpont, J.
Pierpont, James
Pike, John

Pink Floyd
Pinkard, Maceo
Pippin, Steve
Plant, Robert
Platters, The
Plimmer, Joel
Ployhar, James D.
PM Dawn
Podemski, Benjamin
Poe, John Robert
Poindexter, Buster
Point Of Grace

Pointer Sisters
Polanuer, Jorge
Police, The
Pollmer, Elizabeth
Pomeroy, Dave
Poorman, Berta
Poorman, Sonja
Pop, Iggy
Porcaro, Jeff
Porcaro, Steve

Porta, John La
Porter, C.D.
Porter, Cole
Porter, Emily Maxson
Porterfield, Sherri
Portnoy, Mike
Posnak, Paul
Post, Trudi
Poulshock, Barbara
Powell, Bud
Powell, R.
Powerman 5000
Prado, Perez "Prez"

Praetorius, Michael
Pratt, John S.
Pratt Big Band, The Dean
Prescott, John
Presley, Elvis
Pretenders, The
Preucil, William
Previn, Andre G.
Previn, Dory
Price, Ray
Price, Tim

Prima, Louis
Primal Scream
Prince Markie Dee And The Soul Convention
Prine, John
Proctor, Chris
Proctor, Thom
Professor Longhair
Puccini, Giacomo
Puente, Tito

Puerling, Gene
Puff Daddy
Puff Daddy and the Family
Pugh, David
Purcell, Henry
Purcell, Ronald C.
Purdie, Bernard
Purim, Flora
Purvis, Richard

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